About Jo

So how can I help you?

Hi, I’m Jo Cavalot 😊

Funny when writing who I am all those labels come to mind

woman, white, alcoholic, child of a drinker, non-mum (the nameless label after miscarriages and having no kids), divorcee, orphan, professional organiser, hoarding practitioner, coach, woman who lived in a van (nomad), pilgrim, ultra-runner, ex-ultra-runner… 😉

…so many things that ‘define’ me.

Are they important?

Some of those labels do speak to my experiences, which have played a huge part in the journey to become who I am today, so yes they are.

What they are not is all that I am!

For example alcoholic – I haven’t used alcohol since April 2012, so am I an alcoholic, a former alcoholic, a recovered alcoholic, a recovering alcoholic?

And is it important?

What is important to me is my Self, my essence, my core, my soul you may call it.

I am on an amazing journey discovering the true me.

I got buried under all those labels, experiences and behaviours I adopted as a result.

I am uncovering me one bit at a time.

As a result, my reactions to life are changing and I am making different choices.

Things that used to drive me, don’t. Behaviours that used to be automatic are shifting.

I am more able to lead from a self-regulated place and not react to life.

I am becoming more intentional in my actions as I uncover my truth about what I want and need in my life. Less farting around, not getting anywhere 😉

I am choosing me!

I have done this and continue through the tools I am using to help people and I will continue on this journey of discovery, I believe, until the day I die.

Working with people is a big part of this for me and I believe a co-creation for mutual benefit.

I focus on using a compassionate, holistic approach to help the person with whatever they need to discover their truth that they hold inside.

If you want to find out more, then book in for a free 15-minute discovery call.